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When you give up a latte for only $4, you change the life of a child in Zambia who needs a Cure.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Who we are

Zambucks was created out of my own conviction to stop spending so much money satisfying myself and instead to give up lattes for a year. I am not just giving them up however, everytie I crave a latte and would go buy one, I place $4 in a shoebox with ZAMBUCKS on it. Now that money will be given to a child in Zambia who desperately needs a CURE. Credit for the name goes to my dad, who jokingly coined starbucks "bigbucks" since he prefers cheap, homemade coffee. I hope to spread my conviction to the hearts of others around me and support the cost for my trip to Zambia this summer, which funds the entire outreach, where many children will finally find their CURE, first physically, and then my prayer, spiritually, through the eternal healing touch of Jesus Christ.